About Output Audio Visual

The Story

My name is Hugo and I founded Output Audio Visual Solutions Ltd in 2018, after 20 years in the audio-visual industry.  Here’s a bit of my background… 

Working hands-on appealed to me more than reading a textbook. Unless it was a textbook about Hi-Fi (which sadly didn’t exist when I was at school).  Anything I didn’t know about speakers, amplifiers and turntables wasn’t worth knowing!

My first proper audio-visual experience was back in the nineties. I went to a friend’s house to play his brand new PlayStation 1 and as if that wasn’t exciting enough, he also had a 32” TV (which was massive in those days) and pro logic surround sound. I couldn’t believe I was hearing cars driving behind me on the sofa.  I had no idea you could have something like this at home, I was blown away. I now get a buzz creating that feeling for other people, only with more up to date equipment!

After college I went to work in a Hi-Fi shop. Carrying out demos and installing high-end systems. I absolutely loved it.  Floor standing speakers, valve amplifiers and cables as thick as your arm. It was a lot of fun, albeit nothing like the refined systems we provide today. My career progressed to working for some of London’s top audio-visual companies as a systems designer, sales consultant, technician and project manager.  

Now here I am with my own Audio Visual company. Embedding the standards central to me as a person and my experience into the team at Output

So, you can be sure:

  • We listen and give genuine advice. If you were concerned about aesthetics over sound, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend a high end pair of Dynaudio speakers (even though I think they both look and sound incredible).  We’d talk about discrete in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.
  • We pay close attention to detail.  Creating a design using industry specific software gives us the opportunity to plan thoroughly.  We go room by room, carefully looking at every aspect. 
  • We respect your home (or home to be) at all times. We are guests in your space. 
  • We want you to be happy with your home technology.

Whether you’re renovating a property, undertaking a new build project, or simply looking to enhance where you live now, contact us today on 020 8291 9917 or email us at info@outputav.com