Smart Home Technology Installations in South London

Harmony – a connected lifestyle redefined

We all want harmony at home.  We’ll work closely with you to create a unique audio-visual system that caters for your needs. One that orchestrates seamlessly from room to room and is simple to use.

With a high-speed and reliable wi-fi and wired network, you can say goodbye to the frustrations of dead spots and the irritation of buffering.

We will set you up so you have complete control of all your devices from a single app, remote or dedicated touch screen.  Welcoming relief from the confusion of too many apps and clutter of multiple remote controls.

Entertainment – elevate your home entertainment experience.

Your home is a sanctuary to unwind and create cherished memories. We can set up distributed audio to infuse every room with your favourite music.  Creating the perfect ambience for any occasion, from lively parties to a night in relaxing. Music will accompany you from room to room and can also be contained in separate rooms too, for those times when family members need their own space.  

Immerse yourself in the ultimate entertainment experience – a home cinema.  Sink into luxurious seating and truly escape with crystal clear screens and immersive surround sound.  Imagine, no cinema tickets required and screenings according to your schedule.  No designated room? We can integrate a motorised screen and projector discreetly into your living space, to be viewed only when you want them to be.

Security – protect what matters most

What is more important than protecting your loved ones and home?  Our cameras, smart locks and motion sensors work vigilantly to provide real time monitoring and instant alerts.  Whether you’re home or away, you will have peace of mind day and night. 

Our networks have robust security measures in place to protect against online data breaches and unauthorised access.  

Concerned about PC or games console use in children’s bedrooms?  We can help you make the internet available at designated times for specific devices.  Rest assured you’ll be in control.

Whether you’re renovating a property, undertaking a new build project, or simply looking to enhance where you live now, contact us today on 020 8291 9917 or email us at